Service Sites

Earth Day Columbus is a great opportunity for anyone and everyone to spend time outdoors, build relationships, and beautify and strengthen their communities! Hosting a site is great for individuals looking to meet new people or groups looking to build team spirit. Hosting a service site is perfect for:

  • Families and friends

  • School and student groups

  • Faith-based groups

  • Office/professional groups

  • Volunteer organizations/non-profits

  • Social groups/clubs

  • Neighborhood associations

Tips for Service Site Hosts

  • Pick a great project. We like the ones where people get their hands dirty, but there's room for all types of environmental service projects.

  • Estimate the number of volunteers it will take to get the project done. The preferred range is 10-200, but exceptions can be made for exceptional projects.

  • Determine how many volunteers your organization and your partners can recruit (i.e. self-recruited volunteers). Depending on the size of your site, at least 10-30% of all volunteers should be self-recruited so there are enough hands to get the job done. If you need 10 people, for example, it’s best to try to find at least three friends to help!

  • Determine the type and number of tools (gloves, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc.) required. We (in partnership with Keep Columbus Beautiful) can help, but it is also good to request these from volunteers.

  • Write-up a compelling description of your worksite. Volunteers are attracted to fun-sounding and engaging descriptions with proper spelling and grammar.

  • Complete the on-line worksite registration form.

  • Pick-up your tools, supplies and volunteer appreciation gifts at the specified time and place (we'll be in touch closer to the date). Also, please return the tools after your service site work has concluded.

  • Be there to lead your worksite, meet new people, and get a lot done! Be sure to take great pictures and tag us (Facebook: @greencolumbus, Twitter and Instagram: @Green_Columbus)! The hashtag is #EarthDayColumbus.

  • Report all the great things that happen at your worksite using the post-event information form, and upload your favorite pictures.


Site host registration now open!


" Great experience and people. Grateful for the opportunity to plant trees, remove invasive species, and connect with other Columbus residents who want to make our community more sustainable!"

— Alex, Earth Day Columbus Volunteer