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To take part in Earth Day Columbus Celebrations 2019 (4/20/2019) at Genoa Park the vendor agrees to the following points:

  1. You must be operating to the best of your capabilities between the hours of noon-8pm. Be prepared to restock ingredients.

  2. Vendors must have all required permits and licenses.

  3. Submit a copy of your Food Service Operations License (Please email copy to

  4. Generators are suggested for backup power. Genoa Park can meet most electrical needs if given in advance but is not guaranteed.

  5. Vendor must adhere to the general City of Columbus Public Park rules

  6. A vendor fee of $200 is due before the event by April 1st. Your vendor fee will be used as a donation toward Earth Day 2019. You will receive a receipt from Green Columbus a 501c3 organization which can be used as a tax deduction.

  7. Vendors will be allowed to set up as early as 9:30am. All food carts/trucks must be set up by 10:30AM for inspection. All loading cars must be moved off the premises during that time, parking will be available on Washington Blvd (south of Town St) and on Town St.

  8. No refunds will be given due to weather or cancellations after April 1st, 2019. Speaking of weather, if it looks like rain and cold, please be prepared to vend hot coffee and/or other hot drinks if possible.

  9. Vendors are permitted to sell non-alcoholic beverages.

  10. While we will have security at the event we do not control who enters onto the property. You take all risk of loss or damage to your merchandise or property. Green Columbus is not responsible for property that is lost, stolen or damaged.

  11. IMPORTANT!!  No styrofoam, non biodegradable plastic food containers or cups, or non compostable paper cups (with print on them) will be allowed (this is Earth Day)! Last year we missed our zero waste goal because vendors used paper cups with prints on them that we couldn’t compost. Please only use compostable paper based products and containers (Earth Day is a zero waste event and we will be properly disposing of all compostable material and recycling paper). We will inspect each truck around 11am. If you need assistance purchasing biodegradable serving containers please contact us at your earliest convenience.

  12. Submission of this form does not confirm your registration for the event - someone from the Earth Day Committee will follow up with a confirmation email.

  13. By paying online you agree to the rules and regulations in correspondence with Earth Day Columbus and the City’s Recreation and Parks. During this event, Earth Day Columbus will be providing you with a space on Washington Blvd between Broad St and Town St.  from which to sell your goods from your food cart/truck. Water and electricity (110V) will be provided. Any changes to this contract must be in writing and signed.